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Ariel Biotech Manufacturing Capabilities

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Raw materials
We all use imported high-quality raw materials, and we use the best natural ingredients to make your products more in line with consumer needs
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Microscope Detection
We use high-precision instruments imported from Germany to mainly detect bacteria in raw materials, as well as bacteria in semi-finished products.
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Stability Test
heat resistance test on finished products, in order to provide safety guarantee for products during transportation.
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Cold resistance test is carried out on the finished product, special raw materials need to be refrigerated.
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Recipe Customization
according to your requirements, we can change the recipe, or fully customize the recipe to meet your requirements.
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Ariel Biotech Manufacturing Capabilities

GMPC 100000 Class Dynamic Purification Workshop Diagram

Diagram Of The GMPC 100,000 Class Dynamic Purification Workshop

To achieve dynamic requirements, the 10K level workshop is built up in strict accordance with GMPC and ISO22716.

Water Filtration System

Due to an innovative first-class reverse osmosis + EDl pure water treatment technology, the water quality meets pharmaceutical requirements.

Water treatment
Intelligent Emulsifying Unit Diagram

Diagram Of An Intelligent Emulsifying Unit

We are the first company in China to deploy full emulsification equipment from Germany’s IKA brand in order to achieve superior quality assurance.

Diagram Of A PLC Central Control System

Intelligent equipment and systems automatically monitor and regulate all important manufacturing processes and data.

PLC Central Control System Diagram

The Production Of Skin Care Every Step Of The Process Is Meticulously Monitored.

Each Process Is Strictly Monitored


Raw ingredients and packaging materials are neatly stored in the warehouse.

💡 To use the freshest, highest-quality raw materials and minimize inventory, inventory will be sorted daily, weekly, and monthly, and expired raw materials will be eliminated internally.
💡 To avoid poor quality due to oversupply and to assure freshness, the packing materials are also monitored on a frequent and quantitative basis.


Raw materials and packaging materials are inspected.

💡 The raw material inspection procedure includes color, scent, and feel of use, as well as microbiological investigations to prevent microbial contamination. At the same time, a variety of testing machines are used to carry out qualitative inspections of raw materials for ingredient content, color, viscosity, and hardness.
💡 The packaging materials inspection includes checking the connection status and appearance of the connecting parts, as well as checking the size, color, and surface of the external surface to guarantee that the quality of the raw materials/packaging materials is maintained.


Raw ingredients must be measured precisely.

💡 To manufacture high-quality products, raw resources must be measured according to the characteristics of each product. The raw material kinds and contents are accurately measured by the control software, and the results are recorded in the database. After that, the precise measurement data will be translated into bar codes and affixed to the raw material’s specific information to be recorded and managed.



💡 The raw ingredients for making pot clocks will be poured in, and production will officially commence. The cosmetics production process includes dissolution, emulsification, dispersion, storage, cooling, and filtration. In addition to the aforementioned processes, nano-products will speed up the process of transforming particles into nano-sizes. Under the supervision of the production management process, a well-coordinated cosmetic manufacturing process is carried out, resulting in high-quality products.


Microbial Detection

💡 Microbiological testing is an important part of ensuring that product quality is maintained. It not only conducts microbiological inspections on raw materials/products, but also monitors and regulates microorganisms in the air and on the human body in the manufacturing/packaging workshop, and considers/resolves any problems when customers use them ahead of time.


Finished Product Inspection

💡 In order to analyze the quality of finished and semi-finished products and make judgments, the appearance inspector will directly use the things from the perspective of customers in terms of color, fragrance, usage design, and so on. The appearance must be qualified in strict accordance with the outgoing control system, in addition to physical and chemical testing. The inspection result must be qualified before it may be shipped.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Factory certificate: GMP, ISO22716, SEDEX; Product certificate: COA, MSDS, FDA registration, or 3rd party laboratory testing report per customer requirement.

For mask: 1,000,000 pieces per day; For cream/lotion/serums: 100,000 bottles per day.

The delivery lead time will be based on package materials lead time and production lead time. The normal delivery date of skincare is from 20 days to 35 days.

It will be based on what kind of package materials used, normally we can support custom formulation at 1000 units.

How do you do quality control?

Our formulations meet EU or FDA regulations, we can support to you for associated documents when you apply for CPNP/CPSR in Europe or FDA in USA.

TT, LC, Paypal...

By sea, by air and other ways according customer's requirement and budget.

The normal process: packaging materials cleansing and sterilization, direct materials weighting, emulsification, microbiological test, filling, final packaging, final inspection.

Yes, we can do the packaging (filling & final package). We suggest that we do the final packaging if you don't have your GMP production line and equipment.

Yes, customer can patent their product and own the patent.

Yes, customer can own the formula if the formula is specially made for the customer.

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