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Major Concerns Regarding Packaging Customization

💡 Is your unique packaging helping to boost your brand’s image in the marketplace?


💡 Is it possible to make customized packaging with a low MOQ and quick delivery?


💡 Is it possible to keep the cost of customized packaging within your budget?


💡 Is the supplier able to provide a rapid response to the unique packaging needs?


💡 Is the quality of the product being closely monitored to ensure that it is of high quality?

Packaging Supply Packaging customization

8 Major Advantages Of Ariel Cosmetic Packaging Service

Controlling the supply of skincare packaging materials

With the company, we've established a skilled team for each type of packaging material, allowing us to meet your project needs as quickly as feasible.

Supply of packaging materials and accessories

We've partnered with a number of packaging accessory manufacturers to provide consumers with a variety of options at a reasonable price and with a low minimum purchase quantity.

Material development, design, and mold construction

Our engineering section employs professional packaging material designers who can quickly develop the packaging materials that our customers require, as well as perform surface process design and mold opening.

After-sales service and professional quality inspectors

Professional quality inspectors must oversee packaging quality in order for your brand to gain a long-term competitive edge. We offer an after-sales team to assist you if you have any issues.

Customization in small batches

We can customize packaging in small batches for your brand, allowing you to test the market at a cheap cost and decrease inventory costs.

Surface technology for interior packaging in abundance

We've incorporated a number of process manufacturers, including silk screen printing, hot stamping, spraying, and icing, to give your package a unique look.

Samples of packaging materials are available for free.

We offer free standard packing materials to help you swiftly assess the quality and service at an early stage.

More than 5000 automated molds

We have created many molds that can modify your product packaging in order to make it more unique.

Skincare Packaging Materials That Are Commonly Utilized

Packaging Supply Plastic PET PETG Acrylic

Plastic (PET, PETG, Acrylic)

It is simple to develop large-scale production due to its light weight and low cost. It may be produced into bottles of various specs and sizes, as well as transparent, opaque, and a variety of colors, and it has excellent printing capabilities, allowing it to be printed using thermal transfer, inkjet, and other methods. Direct printing of instructions, icons, two-dimensional codes, and barcodes on the container’s surface is used. As a result, plastic goods now account for over 80% of the cosmetic packaging market, making it the most important packaging material in the business.

Packaging Supply Glass


Transparency, heat resistance, chemical stability, and good barrier qualities are just a few of the benefits of glass as a packaging material. It’s commonly found in perfume and some high-end cosmetics, and it can be shaped into a variety of shapes and sizes using a variety of molding techniques.

Packaging Supply Tube Laminates Tube PBL Tube

Tube (Laminates Tube, PBL Tube)

It has good gas barrier capabilities, which effectively prevent the entrance of oxygen and other gases, as well as the leakage of the contents’ scent and active chemicals. Tube packages are cost-effective until a specific number is reached.

Packaging Supply Paper Box Gold Cardboard Silver Cardboard White Paper

Paper Box (Gold Cardboard, Silver Cardboard, White Paper)

Warmth, breathability, and even smell will emanate from the box packaging. Make the product appear unrestricted by the container, but consider the surface film layer, stiffness, and color light effect when doing so.

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