Formula Development

High quality formula free development, 100% in line with EU and FDA regulations

What Capabilities Do You Need From The Supplier?

💡 The raw material formula complies with EU CPNP and US FDA standards


💡 Develop formulas for the skin color and product efficacy of the market population


💡 Complete formula system, systematically develop products


💡 Professional equipment, engineer team


💡 Perfect quality management system


💡 Follow the market in time to develop new formulas

What Capabilities Do You Need From The Supplier

What Does Ariel Cosmetic Do?

Analyze market demand and systematically develop formulas for skin care products

Introduce German manufacturing equipment, from French consultant technical experts

Each link has a professional person to follow up the quality to ensure safety and stability

20+ years of foreign trade experience, developed 10,000+ stock formulas for different skin colors and effects

Professional product managers manage the company’s formula library and follow up market product trends in a timely manner

Advantages Of Ariel Cosmetic Formula

3 days customized formula, in response to rapid market changes

10000+ stock formulas can be selected

A well-known engineer from France is responsible for formula research and development

All formulas are 100% in line with EU CPNP and US FDA standards

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