Tips on How to Judge Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in China

Private label cosmetic manufactures is ideal for small business owners, beauty salons, boutiques and single stores to sell their own products with unique image. Quantities range from a few pieces up to several hundred of each product. You almost don’t need anything but money and an idea of the types of products you want. It gets you into the business fast without large start-up or inventory costs, the only limitation being the formulations, products, and packaging carried by the supplier.

However, it is quite challenge to find correct private label cosmetic manufacturers for private labels. The cost of private labels from manufacturers in Europe and USA is extremely high, and lead time is very long. The cosmetic manufacturers in China is normally focus on OEM production with large quantity and most of them do not have capability in customized formulation development.

Being as buyers from oversea, it is important to know how to judge the private labels manufacturers from China is good or not. It can make customers business half success if find correct manufacturer of private labels, on the other hand there will be a lot of troubles if find suppliers not match customers requirements in private labels.

Here below are some tips on how to judge a supplier is good or not for private labels manufacturing:

1.Research Capability

private label cosmetic manufacturers
Tips on How to Judge Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in China 5

Research capability is basic factor for private labels especially for customizing formulation, however it is weakness of most cosmetics suppliers in China. Many of China cosmetics suppliers only focus on OEM production, they do not have enough capability in research and formulation development. They only have some basic formulations, and change scents only to make different so called “formulations” to customers. That’s the reason why customers often find that the cosmetics products they buy cannot match their requirements even they defined the ingredients.

Research capability needs many years of experience and a lot of resource in research engineers and laboratory investments. So it is important to learn the suppliers on how many years they have been in cosmetics industrial, how many of their research engineers including how many of doctors and professors they have in their laboratory, and how many patents they own associated to skincare products and manufacturing process. For Ariel Biotech research capability, customers can check our link to see our research capability.

2.Mature Products for Private Labels

Tips on How to Judge Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in China2
Tips on How to Judge Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in China 6

The manufacture suppliers will have mature products list that they can make private labels with small quantity if they are dedicated in private labels manufacturing. From these listed products the supplier can make quick formulation development and package materials sourcing to meet different customers’ customized requirements. Small quantity, quick development, and customization are basic factors to meet customers real needs in private label cosmetics. The suppliers normally can not support private labels well if they claim minimum order quantity as 5000 or 10000 each part.

Besides the mature products from supplier products list, it is very necessary to check the formulations of the products. Does the supplier has formulations that are verified in effects, safety, and stability? Does the formulation meets EU and FDA regulations? How they control their materials source to make sure the materials meet EU or FDA regulations as well? What testings and verification the supplier normally do to verify the new formulations? Do they have standard process for formulation verification? It is good and less risk if the suppliers meets all these requirements.

3.High Mix Low Volume Production Model

Tips on How to Judge Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in China1
Tips on How to Judge Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in China 7

It is import for customers to find a supplier that can match customers’ requirements, it can make business much easier for both customers and supplier. To match private labels manufacturing in small quantity, quick production, and customization, it needs suppliers to change their business models in machines, production management, technical supports to much more flexible and quick reaction. It is still a big challenge for most of cosmetics manufacturers in China.

Ariel Biotech has been in cosmetics manufacturing for professional beauty salons for more than 22 years, and we are very familiar with high mix low volume customer requirements because most of the beauty salons customers have such requirements, they need high quality cosmetics products in customized package but with small quantity each order. So our production equipment and production managements are setup to meet such high mix low volume orders production, we can support well for such customers requirements, it is fundamental advantage in business model.

4.Strong Supply Chain Capability

Tips on How to Judge Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in China4
Tips on How to Judge Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in China 8

The most challenge for private labels is packaging customization, it is typically hard to make customized printing with customer logo or artwork on most package materials with quantity of several hundred only. Secondly, it is hard for almost all cosmetics customers and suppliers to find favorite packaging that is new and popular. It needs take long time and great resource to align with different packaging materials suppliers to get correct package materials. Third, it needs talent art designer to make good artwork design to let the packaging seems super good, such value added capability is very necessary.

Ariel Biotech put great resource for packaging materials sourcing, our target is to find most suitable package materials for customers, it will become easy for customers to select their favored packaging materials easily. And can make customized printing with customer logo with small quantity. We have setup one website especially for the packaging materials for customer to choose based on different skincare products. The customer may visit our packaging materials web per but be kind remind our web is only for customers to choose the packaging materials easily, not for packaging materials trading, it is our value added service for customers.

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